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Easter Brunch at Home

After a year of learning how to use Zoom and adjusting to spending most of our time at home, this Easter may be presenting a number of issues depending on your circumstances.

Perhaps you are separated from family and planning to meet via video, or possibly you are eager to be back at your favourite cafe but couldn't get a booking! Whatever your reason, if you need a cheap, easy and fun way to enjoy a meal with loved ones this Easter long weekend then look no further than Dietitian Kristin's Easter Brunch at Home menu!

Dining at home is not only a great way to save money and see your friends and family without needing a reservation - it also has the added bonus of complete flexibility with your ingredients! (This is great for the fussy little ones or if you have to tailor meals to accomodate any allergies / intolerances).

Have a whole lot of fun with your family and your foods this Easter, save yourself the time and money and try out my Easter Brunch Menu!


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