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Avoiding weight gain during COVID-19

Whether you are self-isolating, experiencing a reduction in employment or just practising social distancing, you'll likely be spending a lot more time at home over the coming

months. On top of this, the ever changing situation in Australia is leaving many of us feeling stressed and emotional.

As we adjust to these changes, it's natural to struggle with maintaining healthy habits. So to help you achieve the 2020 goals you made only months ago, we've put together 5 ways to stay focused on your weight loss goals during self-isolation.

Anyone who has children knows how important routine is for stability - and it's the same for adults. Routines can be our security blanket in times of uncertainty. So why not sit down this weekend and sketch out a routine?

A few tips for building your new routine:

  • Sketch out a wake-up time and bed time, and block out times for eating, exercise, work and play.

  • Create clear distinctions between work and non-work time, ideally in both your physical work space and your head space. Don't stay in your pyjamas all day!

  • Start the day with some outdoor activity, where possible. Getting 30-60 minutes of bright sunlight in the morning helps regulate our circadian rhythm, in turn helping us sleep better.

Often when we're feeling stressed or anxious we resort to habits that distract us from those negative feelings. We might look for food to bring comfort or alcohol to relax - but these effects are only ever temporary. So next time you find yourself looking for a quick fix, why not try one of these non-food and zero-calorie alternatives?

  • Take 10 outdoors - there's something about fresh air and sunshine which helps us calm down and relax.

  • Call a fried - don't let social distancing lead to social isolation.

  • Take a bath - warm water and soothing scents can help loosen muscles and release tension.

  • Meditate - free apps like Headspace can take you through the basics of meditation and mindfulness to help you stress less, focus more, and even sleep better.

A key question to ask yourself when looking for a snack is, "Am I truly hungry - or am I just bored?" A lot of the time, we are simply just bored and looking for a distraction. In this situation, aim to distract yourself by doing something fun or something that will give you a sense of achievement - or both. I'm sure you can think of plenty of household tasks you've been putting off for "lack of time" - well now you've got time! Or perhaps you've been eager to learn some new skills such as painting, knitting or woodwork. There are plenty of companies branching out with online courses, providing materials delivered straight to your door.

Or any other low-calorie beverage, for that matter. Not only does the act of preparing and drinking the beverage provide a distraction, but we often mistake hunger for thirst - meaning that a beverage can be just as effective at suppressing appetite as a bite to eat. Low-calorie beverages include:

  • black coffee

  • teas (black, green, herbal or fruit)

  • waters (soda, sparkling or mineral)

  • sugar-free cordials & soft drinks

You can also experiment with making your own infused waters - just google "infused water recipes" for hundreds of fresh ideas.

Have you tried all the strategies above and yet still find yourself craving something sweet or savoury? There are plenty of low-calorie snacks available at the supermarket that can satisfy your cravings without undoing all your hard work. Our Dietitian can help point you in the direction of tasty yet light alternatives to biscuits, brownies, crackers, crisps, ice creams, lollies, chocolate and more. With appointments starting at just $35, why not give us a call today?

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