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Keeping Active with the Kids

Finding ways to swap screen time for physical activity can be challenging. Here are an Exercise Physiologist's top tips for being more active with your kids or grandkids.

Be a "do as I do" rather than a "do as I say" role model. Never underestimate the influence you have on your kids - they are like little sponges soaking up your everyday behaviours. If you lead by example by practicing what you preach, they will likely follow your lead.

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to the physical activities your kids want to do. Aim to facilitate and support them in exploring as many different physical pursuits as possible - when the time is right, of course! Don't just limit them to soccer, footy or netball. Get creative!

Weekends are a great opportunity to spend quality time together as a family: walk to the local cafe instead of taking the car, take a ball to your nearest park, cycle around the neighbourhood, go hunting for shells on the beach, or have a splash in the local pool.

Most importantly: make exercise fun. A healthy attitude towards physical activity at an early age helps build self-esteem and general confidence. Even better, once they feel good about being active these healthy habits will stick with them for a lifetime.


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