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Good Friday Seafood

Whether you are pescatarian, trying to reduce your red meat intake or are avoiding red meat this Good Friday, seafood is always a great, healthy option to include at your main meals.

Seafood is an excellent source of lean protein, good omega-3 fatty acids and it's rich in other fabulous vitamins and minerals that famously keep our muscles, hair, skin and nails strong.

This is a super easy recipe that you might like to try this Easter long weekend, plus I have included some serving suggestions below so that you can have some meal ideas for how to use any leftovers!

These are some of my favourite serving ideas to compliment your baked fish:

  • Asian style - serve with rice and cooked vegetables.

  • Mexican - serve with soft (wholemeal or multigrain) taco wraps + your favourite salad fillings.

  • Keep it simple - serve with fresh salad + additional lemon dressing.

  • Fish & chips - serve with thick cut roast potato.

Looking for a healthy tartare recipe? Check out these healthier alternatives from the Heart Foundation and the

If you need some more seafood recipe ideas, give one of these a try! Each of these recipes are super easy, fresh and healthy - not to mention surprisingly easy to include in your week-night meal rotation!


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