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What We Do

Based in Spring Hill, Brisbane, our team are university qualified experts in exercise, health and fitness, who  provide  innovative exercise programs.


on One

We operate a private studio on an appointment only basis.  We take the time to get to know you and your body before prescribing a health solution that is right for you.



Tailored programs are integrated with medical consults to improve health outcomes for

  • Diabetes

  • Weight loss

  • Joint Pain

  • Falls prevention

What is an Exercise Physiologist (EP)?

An Accredited Exercise Physiologist is an allied health professional who prescribes exercise for preventing and managing chronic diseases, as well as improving health and performance.

During Consultations you are given specific exercise prescriptions, health education and support, guidance on lifestyle modification.


An Exercise Physiologist has completed a 4 year University degree and obtained extensive clinical experience . This means they are trained in anatomy, biomechanics, physiology and the management of chronic disease. Unlike a personal trainer, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist is recognised by Medicare, private health insurers and Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA)

Physitrack Home Program

We understand that not everyone has the time to see their Exercise Physiologist (EP) as often as they would like. To ensure you are still getting the most out of your exercise, we offer home exercise programs using Physitrack, a fun and secure app that allows us to design, deliver, and monitor your exercise program.


Prescribed programs contain narrated exercise videos, delivered to your phone or computer.


Real-time outcome tracking


  • outcome measures

  • notifications

  • Telehealth & messaging.


Educational Videos & PDFs promote wellness via patient-specific educational content.

Programs for the

young at heart

but stiff in joints

Exercise to

  • reduce your pain 

  • Improve posture

  • Prevent Injury

Reduce musculo-skeletal injuries

  • Neck  pain & headaches

  • Shoulder and rotator cuff

  • Knee  and ankle pain

  • Lower back pain

Programs for all Shapes & Sizes

We work with lots of Pear shaped Ladies with Lipoedema as well as apple shaped men with Diabetes. 

Because we are part of Dr Carey's Health & Diabetes Clinic our patients have access to Endocrine and Metabolic assessments as well as Body composition and visceral fat measurements. Our programs can be therefore be adjusted to your metabolic profile and can contribute to correcting any hormonal imbalances.

Meet Your Trainer

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